Akuisisi Data Sederhana untuk Radar FM-CW

Adhi Purwoko


This paper describes the development of a simple data acquisition modul for FM-CW radar. The modul is design to be integrated in a through wall radar system using UWB and FM-CW technologies for life detector application.  It uses a CY7C68013A, an EZ-USB family IC, from Cypress Semiconductor which is operated in slave FIFO mode. A Max II CPLD IC EPM1270T144  from  Altera is used as a FIFO master. While for ADC, an AD9235 from  Analog Devices is used. The modul is used to convert analog beat signal into digital data at a sampling rate of 1Msample/s and a resolution of  12 bit per sample.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14203/j.inkom.119


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